Below are listings of current job openings through MACH affiliate institutions and partnerships.  Employment statements and information are dependent on which institution is offering the position. MACH does not directly hire any employees. 
Montclair State University

PhD Student - Research Developed Coastline Dynamics -- Application and More Information

Applications are being accepted to fill a PhD position studying developed coastline dynamics at the Megalopolitan Coastal Transformation Hub (MACH), research that is funded by the NSF under the Coastlines and People, CoPe, Program. CoPe is focused on scientific research into complex coastal systems and the interplay with coastal hazards is vital for predicting, responding to, and mitigating threats in these regions. Understanding the risks associated with coastal hazards requires a holistic Earth Systems approach that integrates improved understanding of and, where possible, predictions about natural, social, and technological processes with efforts to increase the resilience of coastal systems.

The project will involve the development of numerical models for the evolution of coastal environments in the NY-NJ region, and field data collection using UAS technology. To apply informally, send a letter of interest and curriculum vitae to Dr. Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba. Detailed program information and application procedure can be obtained from the PhD program website.