Headshots of the Awardees

MACH members selected as 2023 NSF-KADF Ocean Decade Champions  

Zoë Linder-Baptie2023

Four Megalopolitan Coastal Transformation Hub (MACH) members, including Rutgers University staff and faculty members Victoria Ramenzoni, Jeanne Herb, Lisa Auermuller, and University at Albany, SUNY faculty member DeeDee Bennett Gayle, were selected by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Kaleta A. Doolin Foundation (KADF) to serve as NSF-KADF Ocean Decade Champions. NSF and KADF have joined together to empower 31 women scientists associated with …

Rutgers-Led MACH Group Visits Rutgers University Marine Field Study

Zoë Linder-Baptie2023

In August of this year, Lisa Auermuller, the Administrative Director of the Megalopolitan Coastal Transformation Hub, led a group of 17 graduate students, postdocs, and staff on a week-long tour of New Jersey’s diverse shorelines. As part of the tour, the group visited the Rutgers University Marine Field Station (RUMFS), and heard from Director Oscar Schofield about RUMFS’ history, future …

Using Evidence From Last Ice Age, Scientists Predict Effects of Rising Seas on Coastal Habitats

Zoë Linder-Baptie2023

The rapid sea level rise and resulting retreat of coastal habitat seen at the end of the last Ice Age could repeat itself if global average temperatures rise beyond certain levels, according to an analysis by an international team of scientists from more than a dozen institutions, including Rutgers. In a study published in Nature, scientists reported how ancient coastal habitats …