Norfolk, VA Flooding

Hurricane Flood Risk and Sea Level Rise

Matt Drews2022

Norfolk, VA Flooding
New U.S. regional sea level scenarios developed by NOAA and partners will help coastal communities plan for and adapt to risks from rising sea levels. This photo shows flooding in Norfolk, Virginia, on May 16, 2014. (NOAA)

Two recent news stories highlighting different important topics related to climate risk were recently published while citing recent publications with ties to MACH.

The first article, Future Hurricanes Likely to Pose Much Greater Flood Risk to US East and Gulf Coasts, published by, references the work of graduate students Avantika Gori and Dazhi Xi, who are part of Princeton University professor and MACH Executive Council member Ning Lin’s lab, as well as University of Massachusetts professor Kerry Emanuel. The publication referenced, Tropical Cyclone Climatology Change Greatly Exacerbates US Extreme Rainfall–Surge Hazard, was published in Nature Climate Change in February 2022.

In the second article, U.S. Coastline to See up to a Foot of Sea Level rise by 2050, published by NOAA, announces the release of the Global and Regional Sea Level Rise Scenarios for the United States Technical Report, which is co-authored by multiple MACH affiliates.